Your Business, naturally

  • 100% natural
  • Creativity
  • Quality


You look for a creative scent, which is 100% natural certifiable and stable.

You would like a natural perfume that performs in your application, whatever form or shape.

You launch a new product and dream of a great, natural perfume despite tight budget and time-line.

Essencia is Your Partner:

We combine our knowledge, expertise and quality with our passion for natural products and perfumes. We offer you a creation team with a passionate perfumer at its heart:

More than 60 years of experience with essential oils and perfume creation.

To find the right sources of raw materials.

To ensure the quality of the essential oils and the processes used for extraction; to test finished products’ purity and application (stability and compatibility tests).

To guarantee that all products are IFRA conformed.

Together delivering perfumes fully tested and 100% certifiable according to the standards of the major eco-label: Cosmos natural; from 1 kgs to many tons.