A good nose for trends

International network

Own development laboratory
100s of new scents per year

We have a good nose for trends and develop perfume compositions for any requirement of perfumed consumer goods, pharmaceuticals and products from many other industries. We are your trusted partner to develop new products and provide support throughout the process or as and when needed.

Essencia own creation team is led by Mrs. Lisa Mächler, aromatherapist and perfumer, whose passion for essential oils and experience as perfumer lead
to the development of our natural perfumes and wellness lines. Lisa is assisted internally by Mrs Petra Hüsler, our junior perfumer, who after two
years of training has started working on creation projects.

Essencia Perfumers Network includes four senior and internationally recognized perfumers, three in Paris and one in Geneva. Our Paris perfumers, among them Mrs. Karine Dubreuil (Vox Profumi) and Mr. Thomas Fontaine (Pallida), are focusing their development works on Fine Fragrance and Toiletries, whereas our partner in Geneva works on all categories as well as guides Mrs. Hüsler in her development.

With this organization, you will always get the best and trendiest perfumes.